5 Design Tips For Luxury Kitchens

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A luxury home plan is a complicated and large scale thing but a luxury kitchen should not be left out of the plan. Many a times, people tend to get confused about luxury kitchens and what they should contain. Here are a few tips that will help you design beautiful and fully functional luxury kitchens that will hold a place of pride in your home.


  1. Mix up counter tops – A luxury kitchen means a large kitchen, so why not utilise the space to give the room a unique look. Marble is the favoured material for counter tops but no one is stopping you from experimenting. Use different materials for different areas. Let the most used surfaces be marble while you can use something like wood for the island. This gives the place a cozy feel and the area looks more like a traditional kitchen table than a counter.
  2. Hide the appliances – A bunch of appliances on the countertops is just the wrong look for luxury kitchens, or for any kitchen. Solve this problem by creating enough space for appliances to be hidden when not in use. Some appliances such your refrigerator and microwave can be incorporated in the design itself while you can opt for a large pantry to store smaller stuff like toasters.
  3. The light should be suitable – Improper lighting can make any space look bad, and the kitchen is no exception. A kitchen should be inviting and cozy all the while being functional. This means that just one type of lights doesn’t work. You need to use different forms such as recessed lights, ceiling lamps and pendant lights together to get the right effect.
  4. Jazz it up – Luxury kitchens are generally visualised as pure white in nature, but there is no rule about this. A tasteful splash fo colour can enliven the space. In fact, you can also use a somber colour as the primary shade and accentuate it with white and other bright colours. Just make sure that you do not go overboard.
  5. Buy an island – For your kitchen, I meant. Islands are the in thing right now and with the availability of space, you can utilise it perfectly. It can serve as the focal point of your kitchen and can also be used by the family for a quick snack.


You can get many more design ideas for luxury kitchens on the internet. Don’t be hesitant about trying something new.

Gallery of 5 Design Tips For Luxury Kitchens

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