Beautifull Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas


Kitchen cabinet refacing or kitchen cabinet resurfacing is a common procedure that most homeowners do when they have limited budgets, but they want to have a new look for their kitchen cabinet refacing. There are lots of kitchen cabinet refacing ideas that you can do. You can have kitchen cabinet painting job or different kitchen cabinet refinishing work to have different look and outcome for the final result. Most of the procedures are quite easy and simple, although you may have to be patient about it.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing DIY

If you live around Chicago, you can always hire professional kitchen cabinet refacing Chicago to help you. But if you want to do the kitchen cabinet refacing project all alone, lots of home improvement stores provide the materials in very affordable like this RTA Kitchen Cabinets – if not cheap – price range. You can even go to specific section of Sears kitchen cabinet refacing and find all the needed items and stuffs. Be sure that you can always find kitchen cabinet hardware stuffs and items without fuss or hassle at all in such stores.

If you are thinking about having DIY work for this kitchen cabinet refacing purpose, here are the basic steps to do:

  • Be sure to clean off all the drawers and cabinets.
  • Take off the kitchen cabinets doors and remove the drawers.
  • Sand them down so it will be easier to implement what finish you want. You can also smooth down the edges, but don’t do too much if you are thinking about having new paint.
  • Combine wood glue and wooden dowel, and then fill the screw holes with it. it should strengthen the overall frame.
  • Choose the type of finishing you want.
  • You can have new hinges or screws to hang the doors back to their place.

The process is all complete and you have new look for your kitchen cabinet doors design without spending a fortune.

Gallery of Beautifull Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas

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