Combat the Hunger by Become Soup Kitchen Volunteer

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Soup kitchen volunteer are people who work voluntary in a soup kitchen throughout the America. The soup kitchen itself is basically a place where unemployed people, those who have no home or those who have no money can get free meal. The very first soup kitchen was opened by Al Capone in 1930s during the Great Depression and soon, there are many groups of Soup Kitchens spread out across the US.

Those who want to join this noble activity can become a soup kitchen volunteer. There are many things that a volunteer can do from spending their spare time in the kitchen to serve the guest, or work inside the kitchen to prepare the food, collecting food donation from different source, managing the transportation and any other thing that they can do. A volunteer can work every day or once a week or once a month, depend on their spare time.

There are many organizations that spread thorough the US that have their own soup kitchen. This is a great way to combat hunger and help those people who are in need. Anyone can join this organization and donate whatever skill, time and energy that they have to help other people by become a soup kitchen volunteer.

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