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Kitchen is the most important part of our house. It is the place which brings energy and life to us. It is also a place which brings all the family members together at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children grow old there fighting over the meals and if you are a house wife then you must be spending most of your time in kitchen preparing meals for your family. Then why shouldn’t you have a designer kitchen? When every corner of your house is shining with new and comfortable furniture then your kitchen also deserves a nice look and most importantly you deserve a nice place to spend most of your days’ time.

With some effort and imagination you can design your kitchen yourself. What it needs to become an artist? Creativity and imagination of course. If you have some, you can definitely design your kitchen.  First thing that you should keep in mind while decorating your kitchen is that the decoration must improve the functionality of your kitchen. It is the place from where all the nutrition comes from, so you should not compromise with the effectiveness of your kitchen.

Your kitchen should be designed in a way that there remains enough space and ventilation for your kitchen appliances like microwave, electric oven, freeze and dish washer etc. All these appliances need proper ventilation, so you should be careful about that. Kitchen should be constructed in the cooler side of house so that the vegetables and fruits do not get rotten unnecessarily. There should be enough windows in the kitchen so that when you are cooking all the smoke and fumes go outside through the windows or else you will start suffocating in the kitchen. For proper ventilation you should also install exhaust fans and hoods in your designer kitchen.

Kitchen furniture should alsobe kept in mind while opting for designer kitchen. The furniture should be comfortable and should be kept at proper place. Make sure that the furniture does not obstruct you in your working. You may get hurt with the furniture when you are not careful enough. Designer kitchen also include a variety of chimneys and automatic cupboards. You drawers and cup boards should be made of good quality material. Kitchen sinks are also available in several different shapes and sizes. You can pick anyone from the pile. While designing your kitchen the one last thing you should keep in mind is the flooring. Choose wisely as this is the place where you spend most of your time.

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