Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

kitchen cabinet door hinges

Kitchen cabinet hinges are the one that made the cabinet doors able to stick to the cabinet. There are four basic types of this hinges start from the overlay cabinet doors. This type of hinges made specifically for the cabinet doors that have bigger size than the opening.  The doors will overlay the opening and it has different overlay size depend on what people want.

There is also the full inset cabinet doors type. This is the most common kitchen cabinet hinges that people use. It made the door fit completely in the opening area and fit perfectly on top of the cabinet surface. The combination between the overlay and full inset hinges type is the partial inset cabinet doors. It makes the half part of the door is inset into the opening while the other part overlays the openings.

The offset cabinet door is the older style of cabinet hinges but still many people love to have this one. This type work basically the same with the inset type but the hinge is surface mounted only and it is clearly visible. Depend on the cabinet types, the door types and the size; the professional worker will decide the right kitchen cabinet hinges.

Gallery of Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

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