Elegant and luxurious dark kitchen cabinets

Elegant and luxurious dark kitchen cabinets

Many describe their kitchen to be bright and sunny at the same time they prefer dark finishes. Darker kitchens display elegance and spell luxury along with some coziness. Most kitchens combine dark and lighter elements to give homeowners the best. Dark kitchen cabinets bring in a lot of sophistication to the kitchen. They are usually found in spacious high-end kitchens. Here is more on what you can choose.


Modern kitchens designs are a combination of dark kitchen cabinets paired with light or bright to complete the look. The choices are in the range of Black, Dark blue, Gray, Cherry, and Maple. For an ultra-modern look choose every surface like floors, walls, fixtures in dark. However, dark kitchen with lighter shade of tiles and white appliances can complete the look. Dark colored cabinets will shrink the size of the kitchen, so choose the kitchen cabinets colors wisely. Small sized kitchens will shrink in size however; medium sized kitchens can be converted into something classy with good lighting. Mute lighter shades of brown or cooled down purple and red, subdued blue and greens for a modern look, if you want to be different.


The dark cabinets are favored in most high-end –kitchens. They exude a sense of wealth, and class. Usually they are chosen as central colors even though some may choose them in a contrast setting in a kitchen with two-tones setting. For a more contemporary look, the dark color can be used just for the cabinets in combination with the barstools, and other accent pieces and light fixtures. You can get an opulently luxurious and rich traditional look with countertops in marble, hardwood floors in ebony, and white painted walls. When you choose cabinetry in lighter shades of brown, blue, green, red, purples then paint the walls in a lightest shades and layer with a splash of slightly dark tone on the linen, curtains, and countertop. Simple cohesive look is achieved with one single color for everything.

For an eclectic yet luxurious look, mix the dark kitchen cabinets with vintage countertop. Throw some bright and neutral shades and balance it with good bright lights in the kitchen. If your kitchen has plenty of light then covering most surfaces including cabinetry in dark colors works best and prevents the space from seeming vast. Dark wood cabinets require a lot of care and attention as gentle dusting and cleaning frequently for longevity.

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