How to design and maintain beautiful kitchens – some tips


A kitchen is probably the most important part of the house. Not only is it the place responsible for providing the daily meals but once you are all grown up and move out, most of the nostalgic memories of your parents’ home is also related to it – whether it is the smell of your mother’s baking or your dad’s burnt pasta. If you need tips for maintaining beautiful kitchens and keeping your kitchen as nicely as your mom kept it, you have come to the right place. The following tips should help anyone who wants to know how to design and keep beautiful kitchens.

  1. While designing, think multi-purpose – The kitchen is not just the cooking area of the household. It generally becomes the default receptacle for all shopping items such as groceries, meat etc. This means you should keep enough space to manage these things until they are assigned their correct place.
  2. Divide the kitchen into zones – Clean kitchens are beautiful kitchens. Cluttered and unplanned areas are what make kitchens look bad. This can be avoided by diving the available area into zones. Similar activities should be placed close together. For example, cutting, cleaning and prepping should be close by while activities such as baking and beverage should be separate. An entertainment area can make up the third zone.
  3. Plan for multiple cooks – Cooking is not always a solitary activity and if you are hosting, a few extra hands in the kitchen can be a godsend. However, just as too many cooks tend to spoil the broth, too many people working together in the kitchen can be chaotic if the area is not designed for multiple people. Make sure to design your kitchen in such a way that people get enough elbow room. If possible, leave 48” between two stations such as cutting and washing.
  4. Include the guests in the kitchen – The open kitchen is a design idea that has become very popular and is spreading like wildfire. If you design the kitchen in such a way that you are facing the guests while working, it can be a great way to keep conversations and interactions from breaking off midway because you have to rush into the kitchen to check the oven.The tips given above are not all design and decoration tips as I believe that beautiful kitchens are not just rooms that are clean and spotless. Of course, they should be that, but they should also be places that people like to go and enjoy and remember about them once they are back in their homes.

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