Kitchen Aid Mixer Types

kitchen aid mixer

Kitchen aid mixer is one of the most popular names if not the leader in mixer industry. The brand itself produces various kinds of mixers both for household and commercial use. For almost 100 years, KitchenAid has been producing mixer from their hometown in Greenville, Ohio. Mixer is the electric appliances that have been used for many years by people all around the work to make baking and cooking task easier by making the whole mixing process faster. There are two common type of electric mixer that is available, the hand held mixer and stand mixer.

The hand held mixer is the first type of mixer that needs to be operated manually. The hand held mixer from Kitchen Aid usually has different kind of attachments such as whisk, blender rods, dough hooks and beaters. These attachments attach to the base unit by pushing each of it into the available connector until it set up in locked position. The Hand held kitchen aid mixer can be used with different bowl and it makes the user able to make use the bowl they already have based on the amount of ingredients that they are going to cook.

The other type of mixer from Kitchen Aid that is also available in the market is the stand mixer. Stand mixer is so much easier to use because the user don’t have to hold the mixer during the mixing process. It also has ten speed controls that were used for different mixing type and baking applications. Besides those two common types, KitchenAid also come up with different mixer type, the lift and tilted head mixer, and also the spiral and planetary mixer. Those are the mixer types that were used for specific purpose so it was highly recommended for people who want to have one of those mixers to know the difference between each type so they can get the right kitchen aid mixer.

Gallery of Kitchen Aid Mixer Types

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