Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, the Most Popular Type of Kitchen Hardware

glass kitchen cabinet knobs

Kitchen cabinet knobs are the most popular type of kitchen hardware. The kitchen hardware itself is the jewelry of the kitchen that not only functional but also give the touch of its decorative accent.  A cabinet knob is attached to the cabinet door with a single screw where people can pull it to open the drawer. Many knob designs in the market that people can choose start from the simple to the most decorative one.

The most common shapes of kitchen cabinet knobs are round and square although it was possible to find other shapes out there. These knobs made from different materials such as zinc, stone, stainless steel, glass and brass. It also comes with different finishes and color that will make it easier for people to choose the one that match perfectly with the cabinet in their kitchen.

The most common size for these knobs is 1 to 1 ¼ inches in diameter. This will give people the perfect grip when they want to open their cabinet. Because these knobs only use one screw to attach it to the cabinet door, it was pretty easy to remove it and replace it with a new one. People can get significant change on how their kitchen looks like simply by replacing their kitchen cabinet knobs.

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