Kitchen Interior Designing: A Trend Outta The Box!


There was time when kitchens were only a place to cook and store food. Who even bothered about decorating a kitchen or rather making it look presentable? All a kitchen consisted was a gas cylinder, a gas stove, a couple of tin boxes to store cooking ingredients and utensils. Who must’ve thought of having all of these in a more systematic and sophisticated manner? Whoever did, has obviously thought out of the box and has done a brilliant job as where there’s creativity, there’s growth! This had opened an entirely new line in the job of interior designing. Now, we don’t evaluate kitchens in a person’s house by what it accommodates; Now it’s kitchens by design!

Redesigning, remodeling, reconstructing the kitchen is cumbersome, time consuming and also one needs to shell out hard earned money. But when properly planned and plotted, the results can be obtained in the most economic ways and efficiently. The kitchen is a center of every home. It is not one place where friends and family gather to not only eat but also discuss family and financial affairs. So any prolonged construction work or project eventually will have a negative ripple effect throughout the family. This is why having a decent decorating and kitchen layout is essential. The better and precisely planned your kitchen interior design plans the smoother, faster and efficiently things can be wrapped up by your team of installers, electricians and plumbers.

There are basically four standard designs for kitchen layouts. One being the most simplest, on a single wall, which is usually seen in small apartments, two being the “L-shaped” kitchen, popular in bigger apartments among nuclear families to make kitchen utilities faster and more easily available. Third being kitchen layouts is the “U-Shape”. An excellent kitchen interior design for a larger floor plan used in larger houses with joint families. All the appliances and sink be are wrapped around the “U” with each leg home for a triangle point: the stove, sink or freezer. Last one, perhaps the best one according to me, is the “island” it’s basically “U shaped” kitchen but it’s humongous which makes it seem more like a separate part of the house. More like an “island”.

The next time you decide to redesign your kitchen, you need to remember these layouts, keeping in mind which one would serve your purpose, whatsoever. 21st Century is more about kitchen by design and utility than just utility! Great isn’t it?!

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