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Galley kitchen is a term that used to point out a kitchen design where the units are fit in together, to maximize the use of small space and it makes the user use the kitchen with minimum movement from one unit to another. The idea of this kind of kitchen was used on different kind of kitchen environment from the ships, airplane and lately to a small house with restricted space. With the right plan, people can make the design of this kitchen with stylish finish and still some space to breath.

In a galley kitchen, compact arrangement is the main key of the whole design. In most case, the design of this kitchen consists of two rows of unit that was divided by a corridor. If the space is not enough to make two rows of unit, then a single row will work just fine. To maximize the small space, people can use high cabinet pantry that goes up to the ceiling. It will definitely safe some space. What about using some innovations product such as height adjustable wall unit that people can adjust to meet their need?

When people make plan for this kind of kitchen, they need to consider how wide the area that they will work on. They need to consider the corridor wide and 1.4 m is the minimum range. It allows people to work freely from one unit to another but still it doesn’t take too much space. The main function of this corridor is to allow people to move from one unit to another and also give space for unit and appliance doors to open. People also need to arrange perfectly between the three main units in their kitchen, the sink, storage area and cooking area. When they have everything planned out carefully, then they can have the perfect galley kitchen.

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