Popular Kitchen Benchtop Materials

marble kitchen benchtops

Kitchen benchtop does not only offer functionality. It is also made with artistic value. In every kitchen, the benchtop even becomes the center of view. Fortunately, you have different choices of material to choose from based on your style.

Having new kitchen benchtop is one of popular remodeling ideas. But before you spend some money to install one, take a look at the available options to select:

  • Laminate – trendy and high customizable paper with a varied range of colors and patterns. It is easy and cheap to replace.
  • Recycled glass – highly decorative choice but can’t bear very heavy weights.
  • Ceramic – ranging from the affordable to high-priced varieties. Regular maintaining is needed to prevent dirt buildup in grout.
  • Timber wood – warm, elegant and long lasting option after being treated and coated with sealant. Prevent the further water damage by wiping off spillage and keeping the wood dry.
  • Stainless steel – has good hygienic properties and is also easy to clean.
  • Natural stone – top but expensive choice. There are granite, marble and slate stones. Stone benchtop can take the heat of pan well. The only drawback is it requires regular sealing to prevent porosity.

Before remodeling the kitchen with the new benchtop, you need to get the exact measurement. To get the right option, you need to consider the usability and functionality of the material of kitchen benchtop.

Gallery of Popular Kitchen Benchtop Materials

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