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A kitchen is referred to as small if it measures 150 square feet or less. One would think that a smaller kitchen is easier to design but, in fact, a small kitchen would require more attention and dedication for a flawless design. Despite their size, a good number of homeowners prefer small kitchens in spite of their size because they end up enjoying its abundant number of benefits. Small kitchens can be designed to create a false impression of space making it look even five feet larger than it really is. A small kitchen design requires much concentration and determination to make the most out of a small kitchen.

Making a small kitchen look bigger

A creative small kitchens design can make a tiny kitchen to look bigger in many ways. One can use distinctive storage options such as high cabinets to do away with the small, numerous cabinets in the lower regions. Glass doors and open shelves lighten the kitchen bringing out a certain outsized surrounding. Dark colors create the illusion that the room is congested and or small. Small appliances like blenders should be put far from the working area to prevent clutter and possible dropping of items. A skylight broadens the ceiling showing an impression of space. It also provides ambient lighting which lightens the kitchen. You can also fit more windows in the room to envision the outer surrounding of the kitchen.

Benefits of a small kitchen

Small kitchens have plenty of benefits including their ease to clean. When working in a small kitchen, cleaning up after yourself is much simpler as there is such little room to cover. It also less costly to modify or simply change a small kitchen design due to the reduced space. It is also very manageable to renovate. Unlike bigger kitchens, a small kitchen can actually be repaired or changed by the homeowner not having the need of a professional assistant.

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