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One of the most crucial ideas when planning a kitchen is choosing the best floor plan. The first factor to consider before anything else is how the family uses the space hence picks a design or plan that will provide enough work space. According to experienced planners, the floor plan for any simple kitchen should consist of cabinets, separate eat room as well as islands. One can consider the following kitchen floor layout while configuring the cabinets:

Cabinet along a wall

One can consider having the cabinets along the wall. This is the simplest kitchen floor layout. It works best in case the kitchen is long and narrow. For this design, it is advisable that the sink is put in the center, the oven and finally the fridge to allow smooth movement while cooking. Provide enough counter space between the appliances. This type of kitchen layout is best for small families and not larger ones.

Galley Kitchen

This kind of layout is typical among the apartments as well as smaller homes. It suits narrow kitchens whereby the two cabinets are placed opposed to each other. It is efficient for small families. The sink, as well as the stove, is placed on one side and the fridge, as well as a gallery, is put on the other wall.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This is whereby the kitchen floor arrangement or layout takes an L shape. It is easier to work with this layout. It is advisable that the appliances are placed close to the middle of the L. While doing this. It is also crucial to leave more spaces for counter tops so that the cook will find it easy to move around while preparing meals. Moreover, whenever he Lends open to another room, it is vital to add bar tools to convert it into a counter. This type of layout is perfect for large family and friends.


The U shaped is whereby the entire kitchen appliances are arranged in such a way that they take a U shapes. Concentrate the appliances in the middle of U while creating a working space in between the appliances. It is also best for large families and friends.

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