The Work Triangle in Kitchen Layouts

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Kitchen layouts are how people arrange the placement of different units in their kitchen that will help creating an ideal work flow. The main important part when people creating this layout are the work triangle. The work triangle refers to three points or three units of the main working functions in the kitchen. The units that become the centre of activity in a kitchen are the cooking area (stove), the washing area (sink) and the storage area (refrigerator and kitchen cabinet). Main working function in the kitchen is carried out between these three units and that is why, creating the right work triangle will help people do their work in a kitchen easier and efficiently.

There are several types of kitchen layouts that accommodate the work triangle in its own way. First of all is the galley kitchen with two rows of units that face to each other with small corridor that separated between the two of them. The galley kitchen work perfectly for small and limited space. The most popular layout is the L-shaped where two units sit on one side and the other unit sits on the other side.

A U-shaped kitchen will surround the cook with appliances on counter space. Each unit located on different side and it work perfect for those with huge area. Sometimes people want to combine their kitchen with dining area and the G-shaped layout work perfectly for this purpose. The G-shaped has the same arrangement like the U-shaped but it use additional space where people can arrange their dining table or some space to dine. Everyone has their own idea about the ideal kitchen but they need to make sure that no matter what layouts that they use, they need to remember that importance of work triangle. The work triangle is the base of any their kitchen design and the one that they should consider when choosing the right kitchen layouts.

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