Watch out for antique white kitchen cabinets

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Cream, pure white or off white are colors that you will come across often in the cabinetry. Choose them with caution, as white is not for all. These are usually clean and very elegant. It is usually chosen for traditional homes. If you want elegance then the antique white kitchen cabinets is a must. You can also choose antique white, if you want a bright looking kitchen.


The cabinets in antique white are timeless and will remain so for times to come. You can choose your kitchen to be an all white as the central color or simply combine in a two tone kitchen with a contrasting color combination. You can choose a dark countertop in black or coffee bean color, and wood flooring. Choose a slightly light brown shade for your countertop, alternately you can choose antique brass finishing or brown glaze. If you have an island kitchen then combine the antique white kitchen cabinets with the brown, cream or black cabinets on the island. You can choose to combine antique white with traditional two tone dark wood islands in combination with gray marble countertops, ceiling lights and laminated wood flooring. You can also choose antique chestnut shelves with antique white, stainless steel appliances, large hanging light fixtures. Choose to add some color with paprika red barstools.

Other ideas

Mix warm colors and textures with brick walls to give it an architectural look to the entire space and make it comfortable and cozy. If you have a casual home setting then splash some formal space into the kitchen and dining room into a large room. House a T shaped island with cooking space along with the dining surface. The neutral color palette can be combined easily in the kitchen with cabinets in antique white, this helps to highlight the detailing in the furniture, as well as light fixtures. A beaded board paired with warm wood, dusty green along with the white adds a vintage cottage appeal to the home. Adding burlap drum shades to the kitchen and a cherry island top convey warming sagacity to the dining area in combination with antique white.

Everyday use

These cabinets seem to more practical since stains and smudges will stand out on a bright white surface while not so much on the antique white and so may require less cleaning and gentle dusting.

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